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Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Reality

Do you I need a special computer to view virtual reality content?

Currently, there are many options available for your content from web solutions, mobile phone solutions, and of course computers with powerful graphic cards.

Do I have to be tethered to a computer to view virtual reality content?

There are many options to be tethered or not to fit all types of situations, from mobile phone based virtual reality platforms such as Samsung Gear VR to using HP Omen’s backpack computer for Oculus.

What camera do you use to shoot virtual reality content?

We shoot with a variety of cameras depending on the concept, budget, and setting.

Can the camera move in a virtual reality film?

Yes, there are many ways to move a camera in virtual reality content.

Is virtual reality expensive to create?

It can get expensive, but there usually ways to keep expenses down to a reasonable price, we are experts in making virtual reality within grasp.

Do I need a special display to view virtual reality?

There are multiple ways of viewing virtual reality content, from watching in a head mount display, or web vr on your computer browser, even to watching semi immersive contents through projectors.

Do I need a very expensive computer to watch virtual reality content?

Not anymore, there are options that begin at a few dollars for a head mount display connected to your smart phone or options to view on any modern computer through your web browser.

Does it take a long time to create virtual reality content?

This varies from project to project, but there are options to live stream 360 video with only a few second delay.

Can I view virtual reality content in a group setting?

There are options to view content together in virtual rooms through applications or even semi immersive projectors to view content together in real life situations.

What is the best virtual reality display?

As far as head mount displays go, our favorite is Oculus.

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