Peekaboo Gallery


Peekaboo Gallery, The Pop Culture Time Machine™, is a fresh concept in the curation, exhibition and sale of exceptional antiques and collectable memorabilia. Through innovative, experiential presentations, Peekaboo Gallery offers its visitors an unabashed celebration of that most fantastic, harrowing and innovative period in history known as the 20th Century.

Peekaboo Gallery’s e-commerce store provides a rare and interactive experience that will make you feel as if it were record hunting or antique digging. A custom visual and advert campaign was created to promote a rare experience of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, 50th Anniversary Retrospective. The exhibition featured a complete visual history of the series, including original props, vintage promotional memorabilia, rare behind-the-scenes photographs from the show’s production, personal appearances by Tom Wright, various cast & crew members from the series, along with authors Jim Benson & Scott Skelton, who wrote the definitive book on the series.

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