Optimized California

An Online Boost for Small Businesses Impacted by Covid-19

Optimized California is partnering with small businesses to help transition them into the digital marketplace and move their commerce online.

When the current pandemic first hit, most small businesses found themselves struggling to navigate the new market trends and mandates. While large corporations moved to online transactions, the small businesses that make up the backbone of our local economies weren’t adequately supported or equipped with the necessary resources to make such moves.

With online sales now an essential part of business survival, we are partnering with traditional brick and mortar small businesses to utilize their existing customer base and modern technologies to engage in a whole new way while building an online presence that translates into online profits. If you’re a small business struggling to make the online move, the experienced, professional team at Optimized California is here for you. We’ll help you bring your business online by:

  • Creating, updating, or optimizing your business website.
  • Optimizing your online business listing for maximum results.
  • Providing creative and design services that will help you stand out.
  • Conducting audits and analysis of your existing digital presence.

To get started today, complete the short form below and move into 2021 with a renewed plan and purpose.

    If selected, businesses must be able to provide tax documentation for fiscal year 2018 or 2019 as verification that their gross revenue was less than $5,000,000.